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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Winifred "Winnie" Sallee who was born in United Kingdom on 17 December 1934 and passed away on 22 November 2009 at the age of 74. We will remember her forever.

 She was born in Greater Manchester England to Joseph and Eliza Leach. She was one of five children. As a young woman she moved from England to America to marry Jack Sallee in 1958. They spent a number of years in Texas where she was a petroleum lab tech. Together they raised 5 boys on the family Cays Rd farm in Sequim. Through this time she was involved in running a number of different businesses. Winnie, Jack and the entire family were active in the aviation community on many different fronts. This led her family and many friends to build Sequim Valley Airport. After the death of her husband Jack, she became the President of Sequim Valley Airport and has been running it for the last 12 years.

Winnie passed away after a brave battle with cancer. She is preceded in death by her husband Jack and son Charlie. She is survived by 4 sons. Andrew & Jane Sallee of Sequim, Joseph & Annette Sallee of Merritt Island, Florida, William Sallee of Sequim, and Michael & Victoria Sallee of Sequim. Four grandchildren, Daniel Sallee, Elisa Sallee, Charlotte Sallee and Jacob Sallee. One sister Joan Leach of Sequim & Hong Kong, Three brothers, Roy Leach of Sequim, and Fred Leach and Alan Leach both of England.

Memorial contributions can be made to:

 Hospice of Clallam County (click here to donate)
 Olympic Medical Cancer Center (click here to donate)

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Tributes and Condolences
Special Lady   / Donna Meyer (Friend)
Thank you Sallee boys for having such a loving mom and for sharing her so well.  A true "lady" for her whole life and what a great example of what a mom should be like.   I know she will be missed by so many family members an...  Continue >>
My beautiful friend~   / Kris Raftis (friend and extra daughter )
I have known Winnie and family for over 28 years and was lucky enough to live on the farm with she and Jack for awhile when I was 18.  I consider her to be one of my other mothers.  We shared a love of books good conversation and wine. ...  Continue >>
she will be missed   / Darcie Mayo (Jones) (old family friend )
I had the pleasure of knowing the Sallee family in my youth and spent many fun-filled days at the Cays road farm. I always enjoyed Winnie's warmth and compassion.  I remember swimming in the pool and having her make us lunches after a morning fi...  Continue >>
My Aunt Winnie   / Darcy Lamb (Niece)
My Memories of My Aunt Winnie The smell of 'home-made' cinnamon doughnuts that she would simply whip up from scratch... Yeah right! (Now that I'm an adult... she told me her secret! Sneaky!!!) I still have the Christmas stocking she made ...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Winnie has a number of different legacies that cover her lifetime. She was known as the "Lady from England" to many people.


She was the President of Sequim Valley Airport for the last 12 years of her life. Winnie was one of the founders from when the need for a local airport was identified in the early 1980s and was actively involved in it's design and construction. Since then she has been worked hard to assure that Sequim has a quality airport for local and transient pilots.  Winnie's husband and brother were airline pilots. Her sons are all pilots or airport workers. Her grandson is an airline pilot which without a doubt makes her family an aviation focused family. Her most recent achievement was the new "Airport Overlay District" which further protects airspace approach and departure paths around the airport along with some modified land uses. She worked hard along with many people and government agencies to create this new district. This will help assure the airports ongoing success and viability.

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